Biden’s Fake Oval Office Is The ‘Scandal Media’ Invented About Trump

Biden was recently recorded getting his booster shot for Covid-19 in a televised stunt. While wearing a mask, the 78-year-old President was getting his shot in an oval office which stirred the media as the whole backdrop seemed to be a setup. The President went all the way to an auditorium inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, steps away from the left-wing, and the hall was staged in a movie-like set. 

The set was very elaborate, with hardwood flooring, molded walls, and windows with greenscreens. It was these windows that sent unrest among twitter which showed fake trees. Several remarks emerged all over social media as to why the White House needed to make a faux Oval office set. The PolitiFact fact-checkers reassured that the fake set was not built for Biden to get the booster short alone and was used five days earlier for a global coronavirus summit. But they, too, failed to answer as to why a fake set was needed. 

A President using a fake set for publication calls for a massive scandal. Still, the news won’t reach the media with Democrats guarding the media outlets like New York Times that developed an impressive scandal about Trump in October 2020. Trump had recorded a video speech from what seemed like the South Lawn of the White House. Still, the corporate media and other media outlets quickly discovered that the President was using a green screen with the wind and left blowing in a loop at the back. 

No one seems to answer the obvious question as to why there was any need for a fake set just for a televised recording, but the media’s stance in both scenarios is poles apart. While the whole of America found out that the former President used a green screen for a simple address, nobody seems to be addressing the very newsy event involving Biden.