Biden’s Broken Border: ‘A Crisis By The Numbers’

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discreetly revealed disturbing information on migrant encounters along the Southwest border. In September, 192,001 migrants were encountered, a decrease of 9% from August’s total of 209,840 and July’s record of 213,593. However, according to September’s figures, there were 1,734,686 border contacts in Fiscal Year 2021 alone.

In 2014, the United States Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations documented almost 700,000 “migrant” interactions with illegal aliens, but that’s only the beginning. Imagine the number of persons that entered the nation illegally and unnoticed. Consider how many of those were violent and deviant criminals intent on harming Americans, while the left sneers and accuses anybody who calls for the border to be protected and legitimately regulated of being racist and nasty.

According to data from the Border Patrol, the number of single adults met at the border by CBP and OFO increased by 8.7% this fiscal year. Young guys, not families and children, make up most of these “migrants,” as the left loves to assert. They include gang members, convicted felons, and multiple-time illegal immigration violators. Border Patrol captured three gang members who crossed the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley on Wednesday.

“In La Joya, TX, groups of migrants are crossing the Rio Grande and emerging from the brush in front of them.” There’s a constant flow of them, and they say there are more crossing the river right now. There are new reports on the number of so-called “migrants” crossing the Biden/Harris border every day.

“They have no idea how these folks are getting to the border or who is supporting their months-long treks,” says Ruben Navarrette Jr., a former U.S. Representative. “If only they had a president or vice president who could find the time or cared enough about the safety of the American people to not only visit but also protect the border.”