Biden’s Bad Effort To Spin Abysmal Jobs Report

Biden is off to a lousy start in October as he delivered a report on the unemployment numbers of the American citizens after he promised to ensure employment opportunities that did not bear good news for the people didn’t come off very likable. Of course, people aren’t happy about that.

With the prevailing belief that there’ll be 500,000 jobs for the people added by September, the actual number was only 194,000 jobs and, as CNN described it, way less than last month and the worst this year. But as Biden opened his mouth to deliver the remarks on the report, he gave the expected number instead of the actual number to try and spin the wheel towards something good. He put his emphasis on the unemployment number only and disregarded everything else like it didn’t matter. The very example of manipulating the truth. 

The horrific number of unemployment is at 2.2 million, and while Biden had promised to take it to 0.0%, he blamed it on the pandemic, which is now his classic excuse for everything. He also vowed to shut down the virus and not let it shut us down, but look at this administration now, forcing mandates and going crazy over them. If you look at the number, more people died due to Covid under Biden than Trump. And let’s not forget the Border crisis with thousands of immigrants crossing freely and amid the delta variant. What else did we expect? Yet Biden still dares to blame it all on the pandemic as if his immigration policies had nothing to do with the real crisis, including the unemployment. 

He promised he had a plan to end the virus, but now we don’t even know if he plans to run this country. We have only seen him lie to us and run away when we try to question him.