Biden’s Attorney Met With Feds After Documents’ Discovery

According to CNN, President Joe Biden’s personal attorney Patrick Moore met with federal authorities after the discovery of classified materials at the president’s think tank in November.

Moore found the documents during the cleaning out of the president’s old office just six days before the midterm elections. CNN reported that the lawyer met with U.S. Attorney John Lausch, who examined the materials’ discovery before the special counsel was appointed.

Their conversation, however, was not recorded on a 302 form that is used to summarize formal interviews.

The White House’s hypocrisy was laid bare when the discovery of mishandled classified documents finally became public. The Biden administration emphatically criticized former President Donald Trump for his keeping of classified materials at his Florida home.

Republicans took note of the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith by the Department of Justice to investigate the former president. GOP lawmakers called for Attorney General Merrick Garland to do the same for the Biden probe, and special counsel Robert Hur was tapped for the role.

Democrats, of course, are repeatedly and vehemently attempting to draw lines of distinction between the cases of Biden and Trump.

One of their arguments is that the current president voluntarily surrendered the classified documents and “cooperated” with federal officials.

What they conveniently ignore, however, is the fact that last November’s explosive discovery came mere days before the pivotal midterm elections. And it took a January CBS news report to expose that Biden had done almost exactly what the former president was angrily accused of.

Even Democrats are aware of the blatant double standard at work in parallel cases. Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) told reporters Tuesday that the party wants “to get answers from the White House” on the improperly stored papers.

As she said, “classified documents belong in classified settings, and I think you heard me say that oversight is not a partisan thing.” She added that true oversight means that all rule breakers are held responsible.

As new details continue to emerge, it is glaringly apparent that the Biden White House was hardly forthcoming to the American public with details about the discovery. Also apparent is the shining hypocrisy of both the administration and mainstream media in holding the president accountable.