Biden’s Attempt To Bribe Americans To Vote Democrat Isn’t Working At All

Joe Biden has already started attempting to bribe the Americans into voting Democrats in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections but is failing. Biden and the Democrats initiated the Child Tax Credit program framing it as a gift to middle-class families and luring them in by offering up to $300 cheques for each child. According to new polling from Politico, only about 47% of the Americans have attributed the money to the Democrats. Only about 38% from the polls have credited Biden for the monthly amount they have received. 

The Democrats advertised the Child Tax Credit program as a gift from the administration and the allies in Congress for middle-class families. Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison has stated that, unlike the Republicans that provided zero incentives to improve the working people’s lives, Democrats are, in fact, delivering for these people depicting a clear difference between the two. 

While Democrats have left no chance to flaunt the incentive and degrade the Republicans, they are faced with another dilemma as almost all of the respondents appreciate and support the cash flow. 35% wants an endless cash flow, which Politico noted as under discussion by the Democrats in Congress because the payments will be expiring by next year. So while Democrats get caught up in discussions to determine the future discourse of the program, the Republicans have started out targeting the vulnerable 11 Democrat representatives seeking re-election for the coming year. They have also started nationwide campaigns to highlight and criticize the Democratic party’s intentional ignorance of the rising inflation situation and their willingness to hand out dollars to the families, making them potentially dependent upon the administration provoking the rest of the American citizens.   

Biden and his allies may have thought handing out cash could win them the votes, but the rising inflation and his terrible performance as a leader are enough to endanger his position.