Biden’s Approval Rating Numbers Are Worse Than Jimmy Carter

President Joe Biden kept mixing up “pills” and “test kits” during his State of the Union address. He expressed regret for not considering increasing testing kits for individuals two months previously, before COVID arrived, and used the phrase “COVID” rather than “Omicron.” He maintains he never thought about any of it and that no one could have foreseen the demand. We can’t get over how strange it is that Biden seems to have no idea what he’s doing from one minute to the next.

President Joe Biden has been chastised for refusing to accept responsibility for the lack of testing on Omicron, an HIV/AIDS medicine. As per Jeff Zeleny, Biden has had more than a month to respond to the situation.

According to Zeleny from this administration, it does not appear that tests will be given out as early as January, as the president stated. He said that the promise of testing in January might also be a hoax. President Biden seemed confused during this conversation with David Muir, she claims, mistook the half-billion tests they ordered with half-billion medicines.

Furthermore, the testing issue has incensed the media, maybe because it is now hitting home, and they cannot secure tests. As a result, they are on equal footing with the rest. Biden had lower economic approval ratings than Jimmy Carter, proving that he had the lowest net approval rating of anybody in recent history on the issue. Americans were worried about inflation, and Biden’s unwillingness to confront it encouraged the movement.

The White House has now admitted that President Joe Biden has a problem with confusion and that Americans are dissatisfied with his economic policies. It’s unclear whether this will affect Biden’s situation, but it’s encouraging to see that they realize he has a problem with misunderstanding. But it may be possible that they will no longer feel obligated to defend Biden because someone else will be elevated instead.