Biden’s Agenda On A ‘Slow March To A Fiasco’

Climate campaigners have nervous breakdowns due to President Biden’s sluggish progress on his climate agenda in Washington. Former Vice President Al Gore argues that the failure of Biden’s efforts to get his agenda through Congress is leading some people to have mental breakdowns.

According to the reports, climate campaigners will head to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow next week empty-handed. They won’t be able to brag to their fellow climate extremists about accomplishing a 50% decrease in carbon emissions by 2030 because they won’t have anything to talk about. The importance of this action is that American climate campaigners will return home empty-handed from Scotland.

“Joe Manchin just threw a hand grenade at Glasgow,” says a climate change expert, warning that unless the US has plans in place to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030, international climate negotiations will fail. The United States is the world’s leading cause of climate change and emitter of greenhouse gases. It will be difficult to persuade other big polluters, such as China, to enhance the ambition of their climate policies.

China is building 43 new coal-fired power plants and running more coal-fired power plants than any other country, four times more than India. Even if the US can cut 50% of its carbon emissions by 2030, it’s a stretch to assume China will “raise the ambition” of its climate goals. It’s ludicrously naive to believe that.

Aside from Joe Biden’s reputation as a climate activist, the remainder of Biden’s spending plan looks to be in jeopardy. “This will be a big challenge for the White House in Glasgow,” says David G. Victor, co-director of the University of California, San Diego’s Deep Decarbonization Initiative. “It makes people wonder whether they can trust him,” he says.

“It’ll be a Democratic civil war if they don’t get anything done by November 1,” a top super PAC operative warned the US. Climate activists and labor unions are well aware that the time is ticking. The closer it gets to midterms, the more difficult it becomes for them. As Biden tries to negotiate with Congress, a rising sense of disillusionment is setting in.

The reconciliation package represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Democrats to fulfill long-held objectives. And if the party fails, it will be a financial as well as a psychological disaster. These organizations supported Biden’s policy throughout his campaign and have spent a significant amount of money to elect members of Congress. They now expect to see results.

In the end, Biden will have everyone angry with him, and most people will believe he is an inept fool. The Democrats’ only option is to pass a shortened version of the “Build Back Better” plan that does not include the whole infrastructure package.