Biden’s Activities In Europe Appear Just What A Charlatan He Is

Despite their requirement and his endorsement of masks, Joe Biden blew off donning a mask when going around inside a D.C. eatery. When we talk about how Democratic politicians seek to impose laws on individuals regarding coronavirus limitations, we use the phrase “Rules for thee.”

These folks don’t simply play the “Rules of thee” game when it comes to COVID. It’s also in a lot of other places. Take, for example, global warming and climate change. So often, people have witnessed politicians preaching to them while flying around in their luxury jets to yet another “climate conference” to discuss the laws they want to impose on them.

Joe Biden is in Rome to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican and a G20 meeting before heading to Scotland for a global climate summit. Meanwhile, he has halted the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Willow Project in Alaska, reducing their energy output while assisting Russia by relaxing sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

No, these weren’t just typical gas guzzlers. There were plenty of SUVs, which are much worse in the eyes of climate activists. After it was found that he had driven several of these automobiles himself, he was chastised on social media for his hypocrisy.

President Joe Biden’s climate team, which includes three aircraft and a slew of other vehicles, including one of his helicopters, is already in Glasgow. Although some cars are local, they are still on the road due to Biden’s visit. There was also the issue of how many automobiles were transported from the U.S. and how many planes were needed to accomplish it.

President Joe Biden says he and Pope Francis addressed the “moral obligation to deal with this in reducing fossil fuel consumption in the United States.” It is all happening while Biden tries to ram through a big transformative package that would spend $555 billion on green energy-related projects.