Biden Will Not Stop Attacking American Oil and Gas Production

The president’s anti-energy policies are hurting oil and gas companies, the fossil fuel industry, and everyday Americans alike.

Recently, Biden had the audacity to write a letter to energy suppliers, admonishing them for the prices that Americans are facing at the gas pumps. Yet, as these suppliers pointed out, the president’s own policies created these hardships in the country.

Biden has gone to Iran for oil and he’s preparing to grovel before Saudi Arabia for the same purposes. Meanwhile, there are all sorts of oil companies here in the United States that Biden could work with.

In response to the president’s recent letter to energy suppliers, he was called to work with these suppliers in as much good faith as he’s showing to foreign nations that hate America.

Sadly, this advice has fallen on deaf ears. In real-time, Biden is still working to further hurt energy access in America via attacks on oil and gas leasing.

Zero Willingness to Back Down
As energy costs soar, the president is endlessly working to have his bans against oil and gas leases upheld in federal court. This much has been proven by recent court filings from the Justice Department.

Meanwhile, over a dozen states across America are urging the federal court to shut down the president’s ban on critical oil and gas leases.

One year ago, Biden’s ban against these operations was slapped with an injunction. The injunction caused sales of oil and gas leases to get put on ice until an ultimate decision was made.

Pipelines, drilling on public lands, along with oil and gas leases would bring down energy costs in America. The longer Biden stands in the way of these policies, the worse things get for everyday people.

This is evidenced by the fact that America’s average price of gas is now higher than $5.00 per gallon.

As Biden works to force through his radical, anti-energy agenda, his administration is calling for the censorship of Americans who disagree.

National climate adviser Gina McCarthy stated days ago that social media companies should penalize folks spreading so-called “misinformation” about the president’s energy policies.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Biden can talk about the horrors of high energy costs all he wants. Yet, as long as he continues to stand by policies that send these costs through the rooftops, he can’t expect to be taken seriously.

Oil suppliers, energy companies, and conservatives have repeatedly laid out the steps Biden can take if he wants to bring down energy costs. Ultimately, the president will not take these steps because he wants to please climate change activists.

Americans who are suffering due to energy costs won’t forget this when the midterms roll around.