Biden Wants $33 Billion for Ukraine but Can’t Remember Who’s Fighting

There is massive bipartisan support right now for escalating the amount of aid the United States gives to Ukraine. In the beginning of the conflict NATO and its partners were limiting support to defensive weapons like the Javelin anti-tank missile. As the war stretches into its third month there has been a shift to offensive weaponry such as tanks and armored personnel carriers. Biden has come back to Congress repeatedly for more aid, with his most recent request being for $33 Billion dollars.

In a speech he described the situation and momentarily forgot who the combatants were.

These types of gaffes are a daily occurrence now. The media has for the most part become desensitized to it; it Is the opposite of the Trump effect. President Trump would routinely say such outlandish things that people stopped being shocked by it. Conversely Biden’s performance continues to degrade daily to the point where it all looks the same.

The Biden administration may secretly be happy about the current Roe V. Wade debacle over at the Supreme Court of the United States. The unprecedented move of someone at the court leaking a draft opinion, coupled with a pending decision overturning the seminal abortion case, has sucked all the oxygen out of the news cycle.

At some point in future, however, the attention will return to Joe Biden and Ukraine. The two are forever linked. This is his war much like Iraq was George Bush’s and the Afghanistan drone campaign became Obama’s. President Biden has not laid out what the ending conditions are where the United States would either declare the aid a success or stop altogether. Biden seems incapable of putting a coherent statement together, so it falls to the State Department.

The messaging from the state does lay out a specific goal for the aid. Namely, to draw out the conflict to weaken Russia to the point where it will not be able to continue these types of belligerent operations against other countries. This may be a laudable goal, but it is a dangerous game the government is playing. Such a strategy could easily lead to the United States being drawn into direct military conflict with Russia.

One thing is for certain, we will not be able to rely upon Joe Biden’s diplomacy to shepherd us out of a crisis.