Biden Using Affirmative Action for Diplomatic Assignments

As America’s diplomatic challenges in Eastern Europe and around the world continue to mount, the Biden administration has decided to replace merit with “woke” qualifications and skin color in making promotions in international relations departments.

The State Department has used the standardized Foreign Service Officer Test for many years in making hiring and promotion decisions involving diplomats. The test has been designed to be very difficult and based on objective criteria. The radicals in charge of the Biden White House are changing that process in the name of “diversity” and achieving quotas.

Biden’s State Department has announced that diplomatic personnel assessment will now be based on evaluating the “whole candidate.” Applicants will no longer be required to pass the written test.

Claremont Institute senior fellow Jeremy Carl wrote this week at The Federalist that the “racially obsessed” Biden administration now insists on making the State Department less “pale, male, and Yale” in the name of diversity.

Carl notes the process began with the naming of Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley as the “political commissar for diversity and inclusion” at the State Department. She answers only to the Secretary of State and gets involved in diversity assessments on essentially all department human resource considerations.

Carl observes that American diplomacy is moving from protecting the country’s priorities internationally to virtue signaling.

Abercrombie-Winstanley has made direct changes to the qualifications measured in promoting diplomatic officers. One of the traditional metrics used was “interpersonal skills,” a way of eliminating candidates who did not have the people skills to serve as an effective diplomat. The metric now relates to how a candidate does in promoting “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.”

Carl suggests that outside of placing a Republican president back in the White House, congressional hearings on the new State Department promotion policies could provide some public attention to the changes.

He added that there is plenty for a 2024 GOP presidential candidate to run on, including a promise to eliminate the position of “Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer” and to rip “diversity, inclusion, and equity” out of the vocabulary of every administrative department and agency.

Carl pointed out the value a Republican candidate could get from reminding the State Department and voters that America’s diplomats serve every citizen, not identity groups based on classifications like race, sexual preference, or gender identification.