Biden Uses ‘9/11 Atrocity’ To Demand Uniform Support For Diversity

This year, the United States commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 incident with a disastrous withdrawal of the US military troops from Afghanistan after a 20-year long war that claimed thousands of lives and billions of American taxpayer money. There won’t be any lie in stating that the withdrawal was a complete failure and that the US lost Afghanistan to the Taliban under Biden’s watch.

The 2001 catastrophe that hit the entire American nation with a shock but ended with a newfound sense of unity and support for each other uplifted the country significantly. But this year, Biden took that away from the Americans by losing the country to the terrorist group with which the US soldiers had been at war. People are frustrated and annoyed with the way Biden has handled things. Moreover, Biden has been preaching for accepting diversity and the same variety responsible for the twin towers’ collapse.

Biden’s emphasis on diversity comes from his progressive narrative backed by the democrats. But his focus is problematic to many as it promotes the acceptance of illegal migrants, which many people and the pro-Trumps cannot get behind. It might be that the Muslim community in America faced a lot of discrimination and violence post 9/11 by the angry Americans who blamed them for the acts of the extremist Jihadists, but that does not defend Biden’s need for diversity. Because Trump would preach, unity is what has kept the roots of the American nation strong. A country with powerful ancestors that uplifted humanity and fought tyranny inhabited the wildest of western lands and transformed into the nation that stands today. The unity strengthens the nation’s culture, values, and norms and embraces their true identity. Diversity in a modern era is important, but neglecting the extremism resulting in violent attacks against humanity is also non-negotiable, especially for a state like America that has been at war with a Muslim country like Afghanistan.