Biden Touts Police Reform While Mobs Run Wild In Portland

On Saturday, Joe Biden spoke at the National Peace Officers Association’s annual memorial ceremony for the police officers protecting the cities of the US. Biden said that there is too much at risk for their protection and the safety of those they serve. In 2019 and 2020, he was referring to police officers who died in the course of duty.

According to US President Joe Biden, there is too little respect for the police in America. Democratic politicians also show a lack of respect for the police forces that keep their cities from exploding. Furthermore, too much political involvement has made it more difficult for them to execute their jobs successfully.

For some, “Defend the Police” became a rallying cry, but it became a source of mockery for others. As violent crime in American cities increased, the division became even more pronounced. On the anniversary of his assassination, Biden invited the Floyds to a White House meeting.

Floyd Brawley’s murder was exploited by Black Lives Matter protestors to depict all cops as racists who “target” black people for death. President Joe Biden made no mention of it. The raging anti-police rhetoric has directly resulted in the murders of numerous cops who were killed for wearing blue. The deputies were then “ambushed” by a suspect who shot them from behind. Police could not tell if the deputies could return fire or what, if any, help they received.

President Joe Biden compares the deaths of police officers in the line of duty to an arsonist lamenting the recent spate of fires. “This profession has taken a tremendous toll in the last two years,” he added. The tribute on Saturday is for police officers who died in the years 2019 and 2020. The event was canceled last year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

While Joe Biden talked about the need to “alter the climate” for cops, cops in Portland, Oregon, stood by while a crowd of roughly 100 damaged buildings and created mayhem. According to Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen, this is due to legislation enacted by Oregon lawmakers earlier this year that limits the tools officers may use to confront criminals.

According to the reports, the Oregon Senate has decided to prohibit police officers from using pepper spray and rubber bullets during riots. Officers can still use those instruments, they argue, to establish there was a “riot” or that their lives were at risk. Joe Biden was a key figure in transforming the situation into a morality tale about “institutional racism.”