Biden Starts To Pull US Troops From Kabul, And It Gets Even Worse

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer a simple question about when the US Troops would pull out of Afghanistan. She said that she does not want to get into operational details. But as it seems, she refuses to talk about it because the process is already underway.

According to a report by Bret Baier, the US has already started to pull out of Afghanistan once and for all and has limited the evacuation process only to American Citizens. The troops are no longer evacuating the Afghan allies out of Kabul as they only have 72 hours left to carry out the last bit of their operations. The reason is that the Taliban have warned the US that any attempt to extend the deadline past August 31st will be met with a ‘red line,’ warning against consequences. So now they have sped up the process, and any citizen stranded behind after the evacuation will be on their own.

According to the report, the US intends to depart Afghanistan within the next 72 hours, leaving thousands behind. The on-ground reality does not match with what Biden had stated in his public address on Sunday. The deadline may be extended if all the citizens are not evacuated in time, but he seemed pretty confident in claiming that everyone will be vacated by then.

The ground reality is entirely different from what Biden has been claiming so far, and the media reports have been more accurate than what Biden has been telling us. He has been all about pulling out of Afghanistan since Obama held office and finally got his chance to do so. Despite their insistence, He has even risked the alliance with G-7 by completely refusing to extend the August 31st deadline.

The overall situation does not sit well with the G-7. Future conflicts between the countries are possible as the condition in Afghanistan worsens due to the increased aggressiveness of the adversaries and the US disengagement from the region.