Biden Speaks To Farmers, But Action Is What’s Needed

President Joe Biden is still trying to make us believe that inflation is Vladimir Putin’s fault and he expressed this view to farmers in Illinois.

Biden said, “You’re like the backbone of freedom. Every investment banker can leave their job and if every farmer left we’d all starve to death.”

As obvious as that sounds, this is apparently something that Biden wants us to know. No food, no life. It’s up to the government to allow farmers to provide food for the country. If there’s a food shortage that’s going to affect the country then the government needs to loosen its grip and allow for more production. A tax-exempt status would be a perfect way to incentivize farmers until the supply chain issues are resolved.

Biden continued, “Right now America’s fighting on two fronts: At home, it’s inflation and rising prices. Abroad it’s helping Ukrainians defend their democracy and feeding those who are left hungry around the world.”

Is America really fighting though? If we’re fighting inflation then what are the solutions? Where are the plans that will lower inflation? They don’t exist; at least in the rational sense.

The problem with Biden’s method is that it costs tens of billions of dollars. Luckily there are efforts taking place to block the $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. While blocking the vote, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said, “My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not foreign nation… We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.”

In fact, if Biden wanted to boost the U.S. economy then he would be looking within our borders rather than globally.

In terms of inflation and food production, food prices jumped 9.4%, which is the biggest jump since April 1981. This is all while Biden is egging on a war with Putin by not minding his own business. Yes, the conflict in Ukraine is devastating, but the United States doesn’t belong in the middle of the conflict. Ukraine has a corruption problem just like Russia does and unfortunately, there are many U.S. politicians who have been involved in the corruption in Ukraine.