Biden Sends Xi, Putin Warning in Memorial Day Speech

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President Joe Biden sent a warning to the presidents of Russia and China during his Memorial Day speech on Sunday, reported Fox News.

“I had a long conversation for two hours recently with (Chinese) President Xi (Jinping), making it clear to him we could do nothing but speak out for human rights around the world because that’s who we are,” Biden said. “I’ll be meeting with (Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin in a couple weeks in Geneva making it clear that we will not stand by and let him abuse those rights.”

Biden delivered his first Memorial Day speech as commander-in-chief, at a Memorial Day service in Delaware on Sunday morning, where he offered comfort to the families of fallen service members.

He brought up his issues with Chinese leaders as his administration still refuses to commit to punishing China- should the coronavirus lab leak theory be proven true.

“We haven’t ruled out anything yet,” principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters during Wednesday’s press briefing when asked whether the virus had emerged in a manner that was “deliberate or not an accident.”

“Would the president seek to punish China?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre.

“We’re not going to go there just yet,” Jean-Pierre replied, “We have to go through the 90-day review. And once we have the 90-day review, will we be able to reassess.”

Biden previously said he had asked the intelligence community to “redouble their efforts” to “bring us closer to a definitive conclusion” and get back to him within 90 days concerning the origins of the virus.