Biden Says ‘You Can Tell A Lot’ About Chris Dodd By ‘How He Treats Waitresses’

Biden’s Address at the University of Connecticut was the very example of his cluelessness. He dedicated the University’s Human Rights center to Christopher Dodd, former Senator from Connecticut and now a lobbyist. Biden chose him to be his partner in choosing his campaign partner, which ended up being Kamala Harris, and they have both been together for years in the Senate. It means Biden, of all people, should know what kind of Reputation Dodd has. 

Christopher Dodd was known for the physical assault case with the waitress back in 1985, and people with good memories still know him for that incident. If you have basic sense, you won’t bring up that incident in a formal setting dedicating the Human Rights Center to such a man, but that is what Biden did. 

Biden straight up said that Dodd is not the kind of man who would disrespect a waitress. But who is he kidding? Biden himself has a history of improper behavior with women, but the Dodd case can be found on the internet when you search ‘Waitress Sandwich.’ Let’s not go into the disturbing details of the incident, but after 21 years, Dodd’s reputation is still tainted. 

People on the left, like Nomiki Konst, also expressed their displeasure last year with the fact that Biden picked Dodd to be his running partner, and rightfully so. The democratic folks that may have had the same issues with Dodd as Konst are still silent. I guess the Administration has given up on Biden’s insanity now and is not bothering stepping in to rescue him from his bullshit now.