Biden Says Stupid Crap About Trump Subpoena Defiers – Leaves Psaki And DOJ In Full Damage Control

Clueless when Joe responded to queries from reporters, he once again proved why every member of his administration is scared. The brave president said Friday evening to reporters that anyone who refuses to comply with a congressional subpoena should be punished. He’d done it before, and now he’d done it again.

According to the reports, Levin’s remarks come as a congressional committee prepares to issue subpoenas to Trump administration officials and others who may have information on voter fraud allegations in the 2020 election. It’s curious whether Levin knows something that others don’t. 

When President Joe Biden stated he hoped the House Oversight Committee would go after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and anyone who refused to cooperate with a congressional subpoena, the White House and DOJ sirens went out. “He hopes that the committee pursues them and holds them accountable,” Biden said of current and past White House employees who refuse to cooperate with investigations.

After President Joe Biden termed the events on Capitol Hill on January 6th “one of the darkest days in democracy,” the White House was in a frenzy on Friday night. Moreover, in all cases, the Department of Justice says it will make its independent conclusions based purely on the facts and the law.

The House Judiciary Committee is getting closer to approving a report accusing former President Joe Biden’s former senior strategist, Steve Bannon, of contempt of Congress. According to the news, Former Department of Justice special Counsel Ryan Goodman joyously tweeted that executive privilege would “in no way, shape, or form” allow a witness to refuse to testify. As usual in America, Joe Biden. They were using every self-created chance to say foolish things.