Biden Promised To Bring ‘Competence’ Back To Government. So Where Is It?

Joe Biden’s democratic campaign to be elected as President against Donald Trump was purely based on him being portrayed as a leader who would promote unity, diversity and restore competence to America’s political system after Trump’s controversial regime. Soon after his election, Biden passed a lot of amendments to cater to these ideas. However, the first incident which made the public question his claims and abilities as a president was when his government was initially unable to control the inflow of immigrants from the southern border because of Biden easing immigration requirements. But the fact that makes us question Biden’s competency in this incident is his sheer failure to acknowledge the rapid increase in illegal migrants in America and the issues that this was causing while providing cover-up for the problem at hand. It is a straightforward example of how President Biden has repeatedly ignored the real issues at hand, simply representing his incompetence in running the office.

Another example to clarify Biden’s inability to manage the state properly is his response to COVID-19. Biden famously declared that the vaccines created by the Donald Trump administration could not be trusted, giving heed to the pre-existing reservations of the public. It represents how Biden continues to ignore how a surge in the new variants of the virus are filling up ICUs and hospital beds in America, as his competition with political rivals is more important to him than responsibly managing a pandemic.

The most recent example of Biden’s pseudo-competent regime is his response to the Afghanistan crisis. Biden imprudently ignored all the advice he was given regarding withdrawing the U.S troops from Afghanistan. An earlier withdrawal of soldiers resulted in a collapse in the local government system, giving leeway for the Taliban to gain power. But the fact which makes it worse is that instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Biden continues to blame previous administrations and the Afghans for getting out of this crisis. But if we were to analyze this situation critically, it was evident from the beginning that the Anti-Taliban leadership in Afghanistan was still not well trained, capable, and equipped enough to deal with the crisis that unfolded after the American troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. As a result, the Afghans were yet again left in a miserable state due to the incompetence of local forces and the cowardice of Allies like Biden in such a situation. The latter continue not to take responsibility for how their actions have amplified the crisis at hand.