Biden Plans Disbursing Immigrants Into States Across The Nation

Shortly after Joe Biden got into office, trouble quickly arrived at the southern border. By overturning the immigration policies of the Trump administration, Biden all but sent out a public service announcement that the southern border was open for business.

This has increased the stress and pressure on Border Patrol officials. If that wasn’t bad enough, the lethal drug known as fentanyl has also been pouring across the southern border at record rates.

Mass chaos at the southern border is truly an issue for states like Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott (R), along with other GOP officials, constantly called upon the federal government to get this situation under control.

After repeated dismissals from the Biden administration, the Texas governor eventually began dispatching illegal immigrants in his state over to Washington DC for Biden to personally deal with.

Now, the White House is planning to ship illegal immigrants to major cities across the country. To add insult to injury, various Biden officials are cited as calling this measure “the Abbott plan.”

A Deeper Dive Into Biden’s Immigration Plans
Due to the uptick of illegal immigrants at the southern border, the president has determined that sending them to various states like New Mexico, California, and Texas is the best course of action.

According to a spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the decision to send over illegal immigrants to major US cities hasn’t been fully decided upon. However, reports are more than clear that this is the direction that Biden is leaning toward.

The president is already on record, confirming his support for giving US citizenship to illegal immigrants in the nation today. It is not a leap to suggest that Biden has a similar goal in mind for the migrants currently coming across the border.

The Title 42 Factor
At this time, the Title 42 provision that allows migrants to be promptly expelled from the border is the only thing keeping the situation from being even worse. Yet, this is another border policy the Biden administration wants to put an end to.

Thus far, the only thing standing in their way is a federal court order. Republicans and even some Democrats have repeatedly advised the White House to keep Title 42 in effect, owing to the current situation at the border.

In order to avoid an even worse disaster at the southern border, this country needs a return to commonsense immigration reforms. Unfortunately, this is not something that Biden will willingly do on his own.