Biden Pentagon Nominee’s ESG Agenda Exposed

President Joe Biden’s nominee to be Assistant Secretary for Energy, Installations and Environment in the Department of Defense has been exposed for his support for the radical left’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda.

Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) used her first vote in the U.S. Senate to call out Biden’s nominee, Brendan Owens, voting “no” to his nomination.

“The Biden Administration has consistently prioritized their reckless leftwing political agenda to the detriment of our military readiness,” the Alabama senator said in a statement following her vote to oppose Biden’s push for radical policies in the Pentagon.

“We achieve peace through strength, not wokeness. The last thing we need is a DOD appointee from the ESG movement,” Britt added.

Owens’ agenda was exposed on Monday by the Daily Signal’s Samantha Aschieris, who reported on some of his former “environment” work history.

Some of Owens’ previous work experience involved being “focused on the places where systems in the built environment intersect and interact” and “delivering equity, health, and decarbonization.”

“This nominee would simply be the tip of the spear in continuing President Biden’s radical ‘Green New Deal’ priorities at the Department of Defense,” the Daily Signal report continued, noting that the Defense Department “should be focused on ensuring our incredible men and women in uniform are the best equipped, resourced, and trained in the world.”

Aschieris’ report also pointed to Owens’ LinkedIn bio, which describes him as “working for equity, human health and climate” — while his “About” page indicates that he is “passionate about green buildings, market transformation and programs that enable people and companies to decarbonize and create an equitable and healthy world.”

Biden nominated Owens for the position almost a year ago, on March 11, 2022. Despite Britt’s “no” vote, he was confirmed with a 60-35 margin.