Biden On Migrants: ‘Not Rational To Send Them Back’

President Biden said Tuesday that with an influx of migrants coming from countries like Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, it is “not rational” to send them back.

According to Yahoo News, a reporter asked Biden why the border is “more overwhelmed on your watch.” Migrant detentions at the Mexican border have more than doubled since Biden took office compared to the four years of Trump’s presidency with more than 2.2 million encounters already this fiscal year.

“This is a totally different circumstance [from prior years]. What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And the ability to send them [the migrants] back to those states is not rational,” Biden replied.

Biden’s immigration plan, as he stated in his reply, is to “work with Mexico to stop the flow” rather than to deport economic migrants back to their country of citizenship.

Republicans, leading into the midterms, have questioned democratic leadership at the border and believe that it is a topic that can push the republican party into midterm gains in the house and senate.

Democrats, on the other hand, have accused republican leaders like Governors Ron DeSantis (FL), Greg Abbot (TX), and Doug Ducey (AZ) of “political theater” as they have been publicly sending migrants in their states by bus and plane to democratically led cities.

DeSantis recently sent 50 migrants by plane to Martha’s Vineyard to protest the number of people entering his state illegally with no reprucussions from the federal government. In turn, and probably pressured by democratic leadership, those migrants have brought a lawsuit against DeSantis for fraud.

Biden’s opposition to deportation, according to Breitbart, is driving down wages for Americans while boosting prices for housing and rentals. Among the many moral and legal issues of how these border crossings are effecting the lives of the migrants, it is clear that there is a negative effect on the lives of Americans in border towns.

With the midterms coming, this is a winning topic for republicans, but in the meantime the “crisis” at the border will continue to hurt Americans until something changes.