Biden Mocks Reporters Attempting To Ask Questions

Less than two weeks before the November midterms, President Joe Biden found time to mock reporters who tried to ask him questions while they were being ushered out of the room.

Journalists were stunned when the Democrat president stooped to mimicking their attempts to get answers at an Oval Office gathering with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

It is a long-standing and common practice for reporters to try to ask a president questions while they are leaving the room. It is now perhaps the only way to get an answer from this administration, which inexplicably avoids these sessions despite having a media that remains friendly to its agenda.

Biden, however, declared earlier this month that the U.S. media is “among the only press in the world that does this. Seriously.”

The president smiled at the questions, apparently to show his amusement, and then widened his eyes and moved his mouth in an imitation of a reporter’s attempt to get an answer.

Biden, just head of his 80th birthday, has noticeably developed a sometimes-contentious relationship with the press corps. The pattern has not been lost even on mainstream journalists, even though he has later apologized on more than one occasion.

The Democrat has increasingly avoided press conferences as inflation rises and the economy sinks. Even a compliant media will likely ask questions that are uncomfortable for an unpopular president.

In fact, his last unfiltered press conference was more than nine months ago. At that rare event, he commented that RealClearPolitics journalist Philip Wegmann could be illiterate.

That remark came in response to Wegmann daring to ask about a Biden comment that Republicans in opposition to the proposed federal election bill were allied with infamous racists in history.

Not long afterward, the president referred to Fox News’ Peter Doocy as a “stupid SOB” for asking about inflation’s effects on the political landscape.

Still, Biden’s relationship with the media is less dramatic than former President Donald Trump’s, who once called the press the “enemy of the people.” And it’s worth noting that the media is generally on the side of the White House, despite his apparent contempt for their profession.