Biden Mocks Freedom In Twisted Train Wreck Of A Town Hall

It was a total train crash, even by Biden’s standards, even inside the comfortable confines of CNN. Someone chose to allow Joe Biden to attend a CNN town hall meeting, and it was certainly not a good idea because it wasn’t Joe Biden’s best moment. With his scary stage whisper voice, Joe Biden claims that major businesses “don’t pay a dime” in taxes.

President Joe Biden discussed the supply chain issues caused by disruptions at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, but he couldn’t remember which port he talked about, Long Beach or Los Angeles. But no one informed him he’s also making the white power symbol, as the left has labeled it. It isn’t, but they are always freaking out and claiming it is.

Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD) is misidentified, and he appears poised to erupt. When asked how to travel to the harbor in Baltimore, he answers, “What am I doing here?” He can’t even pronounce the port’s name, let alone recognize it. When questioned about rising gas costs, he says he doesn’t have a “short-term response” and that finding one will be “difficult.”

The point is, how about not fighting the energy business, shutting off oil sources like the Keystone XL pipeline, and, more recently, not protecting the Willow Project in Alaska, which would supply oil and thousands of jobs. Moreover, why not support our energy independence by not assisting the Russians in completing their pipelines, such as Nord Stream 2?

According to the reports in his State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden stated that if police officers and other first responders do not comply with vaccination regulations, they should be fired. On the other hand, Biden has spent most weekends since taking office in either of his Delaware residences, including time at the beach. He also stated that while incomes have increased, buying power has not improved due to growing costs.

While it’s challenging to select a “worst” moment in such a train disaster of a town hall, one of the ugliest expressions came from Joe Biden. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything on behalf of one of our founding fathers when asked about removing a  Thomas Jefferson statue. He doesn’t mind if they do a Stalin and obliterate history.

Furthermore, “Freedom,” Biden said, “He has the freedom to kill you with his COVID-19.” The vaccination does not prevent transmission, and even those who have been vaccinated can spread it. Infected does not always mean unvaccinated.