Biden MIA As Americans Killed, Held Hostage In Terrorist Attack

After Israel was brutally attacked by terrorists, killing more than 700 people, including American citizens, President Joe Biden’s weak response to the tragedy and his general absence have been heavily criticized.

With at least nine Americans dead and several more taken hostage by Palestinian terror group Hamas, Biden should be working around the clock to respond to the tragedy. However, the president has only made one public statement about the matter — a short speech on Saturday morning.

Biden refused to take questions from reporters over the weekend about the terrorist attack, instead taking off work early on Sunday to attend a BBQ party at the White House with a live band.

The White House told the media that “the President and First Lady are hosting a BBQ for White House Executive Residence staff and their families.”

Despite facing significant backlash for hosting a party while Americans and Israelis were dead, dying or taken hostage, the Biden administration continued to make mistakes — as the president once again took off early before noon on Monday, with the White House confirming that Biden would not be making any more public appearances.

Biden continued to remain silent on Monday even after Hamas threatened to kill civilian hostages — which could include Americans — in response to every unannounced air strike from Israel.

The administration couldn’t even manage to focus on the ongoing attacks in their social media posts. As The Daily Wire noted: “Since early Monday morning, the White House’s and Biden’s social media accounts have tweeted about abortion, junk fees, Big Pharma, September job numbers, and American technology companies.”

Critics slammed the president and his team for their absence in posts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“American hostages being held in Gaza by an Iran backed terrorist organization and the White House called a lid before noon,” conservative communications professional Greg Price wrote. “Maybe we should get an actual president before a new Speaker of the House.”

“Biden has ‘called a lid’ for the rest of the day, meaning no public or press events. This is a disgusting disgrace,” Fox News host Mark Levin wrote. “And, yet again, our enemies around the world take notice.”

“Where is Biden?” former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer asked.

“Nine Americans are dead, an unknown number are missing or held hostage, yet President Biden is nowhere to be seen and has nothing to say,” Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wrote. “He’s totally overmatched by events and paralyzed in a crisis, partly because his own foolish appeasement of Iran fueled a campaign of terror.”

Speaking on Newsmax, former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake stated that she was “embarrassed” by “brain-dead Biden” and his failure to adequately address the tragedy.