Biden Makes Awful Comment In Rome At That Point Skips Out On Imperative Photo

Trains operating on schedule,” as Biden put it, is a term associated with fascist former Italian leader Benito Mussolini. If President Donald Trump had made the statement, it would have sparked widespread media attention and an immediate backlash. Biden remarked during his G20 summit in Rome Friday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Reince Preibus will “use his relationships with the speaker Rep. Paul Ryan and others,” according to Ken Blackwell, a Donald Trump transition team member. But how can we be sure that if Trump had won, the media would have been all over it? But they were incorrect from the start, and their claims were unfounded, even when they came directly from Donald Trump.

What do they suppose the Romans will think of Biden’s statement from yesterday? However, because it is Biden, the media will not mention it at all. They’ll skim right over it and, of course, make no fascist allusions. Following the summit, most of the G20 leaders present walked to the Trevi Fountain to participate in the traditional practice of tossing a coin into the fountain.

It’s unclear how he wound up at the bottom of the shot, but it’s not a good look. Now he snubs yet another picture opportunity. What everyone thinks is that it was too much for them to go over to the fountain? Was it necessary for him to return and take a nap? Was he too preoccupied with wasting our money to squander a little of his own?

He’s now on his way to the climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland. That should be entertaining, especially after he demonstrated his hypocrisy in Rome with his 85-car convoy.