Biden Made The COVID-19 Pandemic Worse With These 5 Ways

The media worked tirelessly to portray Donald Trump as messing up our nation’s response to COVID. Facts were irrelevant if they helped Trump lose the 2020 election. The media got their wish, Joe Biden is now in charge, and the pandemic hasn’t improved. It’s gotten worse.

By Independence Day, Biden hoped that 70% of eligible Americans would have received COVID vaccinations. His administration halted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine distribution after six out of 6.8 million people who received it developed severe blood clotting. The risk of severe blood clots was lower than COVID and death. “It will increase vaccine hesitancy,” noted pollster Nate Silver. “These people don’t understand ROI. They keep making huge errors.” Right. The pause bred distrust in all three vaccines. Unaware of vaccination status, the omicron variant appears to help reduce symptoms and hospitalization rates.

A COVID crisis despite Joe Biden’s promise to “turn off the virus.” Thousands of illegal immigrants were somehow exempt from the COVID restrictions imposed on Americans. They were not tested for COVID and were brought into the country’s interior untested. One thing is sure: Biden valued illegal immigration over protecting Americans from COVID.

People are waiting hours to get a COVID test. It wasn’t meant to be. Biden had months to order enough tests but chose not to. More people need tests than ever before, but they’re hard to come by. Dems accused Trump of not providing enough COVID tests in 2020, including Joe Biden. The CDC is now downplaying the need for testing. Why?

So Joe Biden decided to make vaccines mandatory for private companies with 100 or more employees. American’s, however, dislike being forced to do anything by their government. When he announced it in September, the public overwhelmingly agreed. A new Zogby Strategies poll predicts a significant backlash against national mandates in 2022. On COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Zogby found that 53% prefer personal choice versus 37% who want government mandates. A majority of voters also believe it’s okay to “disobey President Obama’s orders.”

There should have been an Operation Warp Speed approach to creating, producing, and delivering treatments under the Biden Administration. As Marshall points out, President Joe Biden “placed all their eggs” in one basket: immunizations. As a result, Americans with COVID can no longer obtain monoclonal antibodies or drugs such as Molnupiravir and Paxlovid anymore.