Biden Launches Phony Investigation Into High Gas-Price

Gasoline manufacturers, according to Joe Biden, are criminally conspiring to defraud Americans. Of course, there isn’t any such proof. We’re an oil corporation, as an oil executive once told me in a different setting. You may say whatever you want about us.

It’s virtually redundant to say, “Donald Trump asserted without proof.” Even on the rare times when the evidence was on his side, Trump seemed unconcerned about it. Joe Biden is known for making demonstrably incorrect claims, such as his long-held false allegation that a drunk driver murdered his wife and children. President Joe Biden’s biographer Julian Zelizer claims that Biden pedals outrageous falsehoods for political gain.

There is no evidence of collaboration, but people won’t hear anything about it outside of the Wall Street Journal or this publication. The energy costs are rising as a result of well-understood economic issues. It has major ramifications. It’s part of a misinformation effort that signals the end of democracy as we know it if your right-wing uncle spreads a disgusting attack on Hunter Biden.

Moreover, Joe Biden has opened a federal probe into oil and gas firms based on fictitious grounds. The president abuses federal law enforcement authority to harass and threaten innocent Americans with legal action or criminal prosecution. The probe is unjustified, and the president must be aware of this.

That’s the kind of thing you’d impeach a president for in a rational society. If abusing federal police authorities with malice aforethought for political advantage isn’t a presidential crime, then there aren’t any presidential misdemeanors, and everything is legal.

Those who criticize Joe Biden’s behavior are unprepared to complain about a politically driven probe. Right-wing politics is believed to be an arms race of petty corruption, a race to the bottom with no prize for first place. According to the claims, wholesale corruption is the only way to get things done in politics.

Furthermore, Democrats, like Republicans, appear immune to instruction and example, as do right-wing demagogues. However, it is said that they would accept Biden’s misdeeds out of political necessity. The GOP should be more concerned with establishing an example for future generations.