Biden is Still Giving Kickbacks to China

Since Joe Biden’s time in the White House, there have been various questions and speculations about ties he may have with communist China.

This remains largely driven by his son Hunter Biden’s business connections to China and previous involvement the current president may have had in these dealings.

However, even while in office today, Biden is pushing for policies that would significantly benefit the communist regime. The White House remains adamant that Americans ought to make the transition to using electric vehicles rather than fuel-powered ones.

If the United States truly did move to widespread electric vehicle usage, this would significantly aid the Chinese. That’s because America doesn’t have the battery supplies necessary for electric vehicles, but China does.

Were Americans to start using electric vehicles in overwhelming numbers, communist China would have significant control over transportation in the United States.

Unfortunately, this is not the worst of Biden’s pro-China policies. To this very day, the president is waiving American tariffs on medical products that come from China.

No Tariffs For Communist China
On the current president’s watch, China gets to skate by without paying tariffs on medical supplies being imported into America.

Biden prevented the previous tariff immunity from ending in May and instead made it so the communist regime gets by tariff-free until at least November.

All things considered, there is nothing to prove that Biden won’t eventually waive tariffs for China again before the renewed immunity expires.

Unfortunately, it is exactly this type of approach with China over the years that’s led to the communist regime having increasing leverage and power over America. If Biden has things his way, this unfortunate pattern will persist for quite some time to come.

Putting Enemy Nations First
Biden’s decision to give China immunity from paying US tariffs should not come as a shock to anyone. Since getting into the Oval Office, Biden has consistently put American interests below the interests of enemy regimes.

Shortly after gutting the US Keystone XL pipeline, Biden cleared the way for Putin to move forward with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

After Biden put domestic energy production on ice (by stopping oil and gas leases, along with federal drilling), he reached out to Iran for oil.

The president continues to be criticized for what many people see as him showing more regard for regimes that hate America than for America’s best interests.

Ultimately, a US president who has US interests last on his priorities list only spells trouble for the country’s future.