Biden Is Dishonest, Delusional, And Dangerous

After Biden’s controversial and supposedly contingent plan to withdraw U.S troops from Afghanistan, the President addressed the public to justify why the 20-year war with Afghanistan had to end. However, Biden’s attempt to explain the withdrawal of U.S. troops was outright dishonest and shoddy, as the contingency plan implemented by the state was nothing but unorganized. In light of the Taliban troops gaining power in Afghanistan, many U.S diplomats and citizens based in Afghanistan were supposedly evacuated. However, many continue to be trapped, fearing that the Taliban may take their lives at any given moment.

The fact that makes Biden’s position even worse in this scenario is that military services had already advised him against the repercussions of a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, as it might lead to a collapse of local regimes, giving the Taliban a golden opportunity to come to power. But Biden’s delusional strategy to withdraw U.S. troops and citizens before the predicted time further amplified the chaos we experience today. Not only this, but Biden also claimed in his speech that he had previously discussed American troops departure from Afghanistan with the Afghani commander of Bagram Air Force Base, which has been proven to be nothing but a pernicious lie, as the commander himself learned of America’s departure only after the troops had been withdrawn, leaving the Afghani Forces completely unprepared and vulnerable to the events that unfolded afterward.

He further justifies how his party will continue to advocate for the rights of women and other minorities in Afghanistan. Still, it is to be noted that his party has brushed many such incidents of vandalism and violence under the carpet. And the fact that Biden just promptly abandoned all efforts to counter the threat that all previous American governments have been working to neutralize for the past 20 years proves how unconcerned and irresponsible the current President is for the safety and security of its people, as the Taliban regime continues to serve as a threat to the present and future generations of America. In conclusion, Biden’s reckless and imprudent decision-making patterns are a threat, not only to groups like the Afghans in such a situation but to the future of America.