Biden Is Directly Working To Get John Fetterman Into The Senate

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman is working hard to win his election.

Numerous issues continue to arise during Fetterman’s campaign from his track record of being permissive towards crime to growing worries about his health after suffering a stroke.

For some time, Fetterman tried to get out of debating Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz. After much pressure, Fetterman finally agreed to have one debate against Oz.

As the Pennsylvania Senate race looks to be a tossup, Joe Biden is now getting personally involved to help elect Fetterman.

What to Know About Biden’s Upcoming Appearance
On Thursday, October 20, the president is set to rally with Fetterman in Philadelphia. As he’s attempted with other Democratic candidates with elections next month, Biden wants to get as many voters as possible on board with Fetterman.

Though Biden’s support of Fetterman may be more of a liability than an asset. After Oz learned of the president’s plans to visit Philadelphia next week, he weighed in with his own thoughts on social media.

The Republican candidate stated as Biden plans to stump for Fetterman, he’s still responsible for high crime rates, skyrocketing inflation, and unaffordable gas costs.

Throughout his campaign, Oz also warned that Fetterman would be a rubber stamp for the disastrous Biden agenda if elected into the Senate.

Concerning Comments From Fetterman
During a recent interview with NBC News, the Pennsylvania Democrat visibly struggled to understand and answer questions.

When directly asked if he has any disagreements with how Democrats have collectively responded to crime, Fetterman said he’d only account for his own personal reaction to lawlessness.

Later, NBC News claimed Fetterman visibly struggled to comprehend what was being asked of him during small talk before the interview.

Since undergoing a stroke, Fetterman has been called upon multiple times to release his medical records. He has yet to do this, which only raises more questions about his health, what he could be hiding, and how this could impact him as a senator.

Ironically, Biden faces similar issues as Fetterman. On multiple occasions, the president has forgotten names while speaking and made various nonsensical statements. This is why the White House now provides Biden with written notes during his interactions with the media.