Biden Is Brewing A National Crisis

Biden is a nightmare version of the Peanuts comic strip’s Pig-Pen. Around him is a continuous fog of ineptitude, conceits, corruption, and shady political motivations. We haven’t seen the last of Biden-created problems, according to the smart money. The disintegration of the landscape implies that the Biden administration is now afflicted by numerous organ failures rather than a single ailment.

It’s unlikely that anyone’s issue would endanger the country, but rather a mix of crises. Afghanistan and the border issues aren’t exactly a match made in heaven, at least not now. They do, however, have the potential to be part of a deadly combination that leads to even more catastrophe under Joe Biden’s presidency.

Joe Biden’s capitulation in Afghanistan can create risks to American interests and national security in other countries. Possible problems are the economy, a fresh wave of COVID lockdowns, the 2022 midterm elections, and leftist-instigated unrest. A major economic slump would have a domino effect, causing a chain reaction.

The United States is divided and conflicted, and the People’s Republic of China is subverting the country through its “Three Warfares” ideology. Biden’s primary opponents Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, the Islamists, and Kim Jong-un know he’s in over his head. Taiwan is becoming a hotspot for a Sino-American conflict, and Biden’s bumbling incompetence over Afghanistan will only strengthen Xi’s desire to seize Taiwan.

The border problem is a disease that is intentionally spreading. This year, two million illegal immigrants are expected to enter the United States. It is a sneaky, ever-evolving attack on society. Biden looks in cahoots with the Chinese, thanks to his and his family’s influence-peddling operations. 

The economy is crucial and should be on everyone’s watch list. Is it only temporary due to supply chain difficulties caused by the previous year’s lockdowns? According to some observers, the global supply chain issue will be resolved by next summer. However, inflation concerns stem from more than just supply. According to the editorial board of the New York Post, Biden’s policies and legislative ambitions lead to stagflation.

From the start, the Biden administration made it clear that it was opposed to conventional energy development and production, knocking down the Keystone XL project. Energy costs are rising, driving up the cost of everything, even food, and Biden’s answer is to urge OPEC to increase supply. The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion attempts at large government socialism, dubbed the “Build Back Better and American Families Plan,” is being held up by infighting.

COVID lockdowns, the 2022 midterm elections, and leftist-instigated rioting are all potential problems that might interweave. Democrats look to be in for a thrashing in the 2022 midterm elections, which might open the door to Democrat election rigging. The Republican Party has hired lawyers and is prepared to sue and prepare for stricter election monitoring issues. Last year, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement sparked rioting in blue cities, unrest in 2022 would once again generate a national climate of dread and tension. The country faced so many dangers in so many distinct ways at the same time.