Biden Is Backing ‘The Plan To Rig’ The Election

According to the news, Joe Biden is once again campaigning for dictatorship. But, before we get to the president, let’s pause for a moment to reflect. Consider the following scenario: Republicans control all three branches of government, and a national election is on the horizon. Consider what would happen if the Republican Party spat on centuries of history and proposed a government takeover of the voting system.

But the question is, would an op-ed declaring the end of government be published in the New York Times? Joy Reid would be sent to which mental institution? Joe Biden has agreed to a proposal to rig the 2022 election by abolishing the filibuster, allowing Democrats to quickly seize control of both chambers of Congress and the White House.

“The Democrats’ bill endorses ballot harvesting, uses taxpayer money to fund political campaigns, mandates same-day registration without safeguards, universalizes mail-in voting, automatically registers minors, legalizes so-called ‘drive-thru’ voting, and even establishes a system for counting ballots that arrive ten days after an election.”

The bill not only prohibits voter ID laws, which are critical to election security, but it also endorses ballot harvesting.

There is no need to pass an unlawful power grab over the country’s electoral procedures. They are a republic, and locally electoral control is a cornerstone of their system. Democrats created up the need for this out of thin air, and now they’re warning that the country would perish if it isn’t enacted.

Because Joe Biden is a coward and a puppet, he’s now wholly committed to undermining the Senate’s credibility to rig the election. Everyone’s intelligence would be insulting to frame it as an “exception” to the filibuster. They can make an exception on anything if they can make one on “vote rights.” Let’s not forget that Democrats want to load the Supreme Court as well. To save “democracy” or anything like that. It’s complete lunacy.