Biden is Back to Gaslighting the American Public

When Biden isn’t forcing through anti-American, destructive policies, he’s either gaslighting the American public or making horrible gaffes during public remarks.

Last week, the world witnessed the sitting US president make one gaffe after the other; only this time, Biden’s gaffes nearly brought Americans to the brink of World War III.

While speaking in Europe, Biden claimed in a scenario that saw Russia use chemical weapons against Ukraine, America would react to Russia “in kind.”

Then, the president stated that American troops would be going into Ukraine. Finally, Biden clearly endorsed regime change in Russia by stating Putin can’t be permitted to keep his hold on power.

Each and every time Biden made these gaffes, his national security adviser and others in the administration had to quickly walk it back. This week, when the president was questioned about his dangerous blunders, he said they never occurred, according to American Thinker.

Biden’s Latest Attempt to Gaslight Americans

Earlier this week, the president held a press conference in the White House and took questions from reporters.

This is when Fox News host Peter Doocey pressed Biden on the dangerous claims he made last week that his administration repeatedly corrected.

Doocey specifically referenced Biden’s statements about regime change, chemical weapons, and US troops going into Ukraine.

In doing so, the Fox News reporter asked Biden if it would be hard for the rest of the world to believe America is finally “back” if his claims are repeatedly walked back by his own White House.

To this end, Biden asked Doocey what was walked back. This prompted the latter to again note Biden’s various blunders. The president would then go on to tell Doocey that none of the blunders he referenced ever occurred.

In one of the most remarkable gaslighting attempts ever, Biden even claimed that Doocey was the one who “interpreted” his statements in “that way.”

The Greatest Insult to Americans

There are many angles Biden could have taken in attempting to explain away the various gaffes he made on the world stage last week. However, the worst route of all is denying they took place entirely.

This is a huge insult to Americans because the videos of Biden making these reckless comments are all over the internet. The president’s ill-advised remarks in Europe are very well-documented, so he’s not fooling anyone by claiming they don’t exist.

By lying to Doocey, and the country, in this manner, the president is expecting Americans to not believe what they saw and heard with their own eyes and ears.