Biden Increasingly Out Of Touch On Economy

More than a year ago, Ronald Klain, the Whith House Chief of Staff, retweeted a post made by a Harvard economist calling inflation and supply-chain issues “high-class problems.”

At the time, Republicans called the White House “outrageous” and “completely out of touch” when it came to the economy. Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) stated, “Inflation is NOT a ‘high-class problem.’ Inflation is a tax on working Americans & those on fixed incomes. The Biden/Harris White House is completely out of touch.”

A year later, the White House remains as out of touch with economic reality, if not more, than it was in October 2021. As recently as yesterday, President Biden said, “the economy is strong as hell.”

President Biden continues to deny that a recession is likely and continues to discuss employment data and rising wages as indicators that the economy is growing. While people can make numbers say a variety of things, the majority of Americans realize that the economy is not right.

The official inflation rate is 8.2% and the “Misery Index” is even higher at a staggering 11.7%. At the pump and in the grocery store line, the inflation rate seems even higher, and “The Hill” lists “grocery inflation” at 13% and rising quickly.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) succinctly stated the difference between how Americans view the economy and what the White House says about it: “I don’t need the CEO of JPMorgan Chase to say we’re in tough economic times. I talk to my constituents. They see the interest rate hikes. They see inflation. They see gas prices going up. People understand, inherently, that we are in a recession and they understand that Joe Biden is woefully out of touch.”

There are just over three weeks until election day and there is a chance for Republicans to make history in the House if they pick up 35 seats, a number that is not out of reach. According to Stefanik, inflation is “the top reason why I believe that we’re going to have a big Republican year because people want to stop the trillions of reckless spending that has happened under a single-party Democrat rule.”

Democrats continue to push a “woke” agenda, CRT in schools, abortion access, and uncontrolled spending, showing a complete dismissal of the needs of average Americans and continuing to be out of touch with voters.

Republicans, as the election draws near, continue to push crime prevention, anti-inflationary policies, and limited spending to get the economy back under control, all of which are the major issues facing voters in 2022.