Biden Immigration Policies Becoming Trump’s Second Term

As a 2020 presidential contender, Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump’s “inhumane” immigration policy. He vowed to welcome illegal immigrants into the United States and to provide refuge for asylum applicants. It was a lovely vision until reality intervened. Trump’s ostensibly “inhumane” policies were the only thing keeping America from devolving into misery. As a result, Biden had been required to sustain many such policies.

While Biden denies it, illegal immigrants, as well as asylum seekers, continue to pour across the border under Biden’s direction. And because his people are aware of this, they hurry to settle the border issue before permanent political harm occurs. According to former administration officials and immigration experts, Biden’s options may be limited in some instances due to legal requirements and schedule restrictions. However, immigration activists and experts feel the president and his team have been silent in court over overturning Trump’s restrictive immigration policies.

They were the same persons that advocated for the removal of Title 42’s immigration restrictions in July. Title 42 gives the federal government broad power to deny admittance to people during a public health emergency. There has been a virtual border lockdown for asylum seekers, while illegal migrants may be deported promptly.

If Biden had eliminated Title 42 in July, it would have been a disaster. Since then, the number of arrests for unlawful entrance into the United States has risen dramatically, but without Title 42, the situation at the border would have been untenable.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court recently ordered Biden to reinstate Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which held asylum seekers in Mexico while their claims were reviewed. Until Trump took office, asylum seekers could stay in the country while their cases were processed. However, Biden administration officials were relieved that the Supreme Court “forced” them to reinstate a very effective policy.

Biden officials were already discussing reinstating Mr. Trump’s strategy to restrict migration in a limited manner. However, this desire to quickly reverse Trump’s policies ended up landing the Biden administration in this dilemma, which was not unexpected.