Biden Has ‘Sold Out’ America To China And Democrats ‘Applaud’

In 2020, 70 million Americans voted for the Chinese sock puppet Joe Biden to become President and destroy our national sovereignty by selling our assets to the CCP. Stop pretending that Democrats did not know what they were doing. We told them what the Democrats and Biden were up to. They did not want to listen or accept the truth. If you told your sister not to marry a criminal and did it anyway, she is culpable when her life comes crashing down.

Biden recently touted a CCP manufacturing and mining company at a Made in America PR stunt. The Pentagon will spend $35 million on MP Materials services, an open-shell company operating out of Las Vegas, NV. Who wants to bet that Hunter Biden and his Rosemont Seneca affiliates are in on the deal?

The CCP is MP Materials’ biggest client by far, with nearly $100 million per year. Are we going to sabotage our national defense and strengthen China? Shenghe appears to use MP to hedge the CCP stockpile of rare earth minerals. It has mining businesses in Greenland and Australia. MP has permitted China to dominate these essential raw materials as Shenghe Resources Holding.

This CCP company is focused on rare earth minerals. Joe Biden proves that politicians lie on a grand scale by giving China and Russia carte blanche. Biden babbled during a meeting about rare earth minerals while transferring US interests to a CCP mining company. Instead of fortifying the American production network, he further hurts our supply chain and makes us more dependent on China. It is not luck or coincidence. He is directed to tank the US economy.

Be that as it may, MP Materials has seemingly permitted China to fix its hold on the world’s intriguing earth minerals store network. Shenghe Resources Holding, which the Chinese government somewhat claims, possesses 8% of the organization. Shenghe initiated the arrangement in 2017 to assist MP Materials with buying a mine at Mountain Pass, California, out of chapter 11. Likewise, the Chinese organization is MP Materials’ most prominent client, representing virtually all its $100 million yearly income.

MP Materials connects Biden and the Democrats to China. American authorities like Tom Lograsso at the Department of Energy cautioned researchers to avoid MP Materials. But now, with Uncle Joe in charge, the ban has been lifted. The Pentagon grant will grant MP an exclusive deal at the Mountain Pass mine out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The components of powerful magnets for electric vehicle engines, wind turbines, and protection systems are extracted.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) acquired large portions of the rare earth minerals market by taking over mines in Africa and Afghanistan. Biden’s team, including Mark Milley, Lloyd Austin, and Antony Blinken, recently bungled the US exit from Afghanistan and opened the door to the CCP.

James Litinsky is the CEO of MP Materials. He has personal connections with the White House and Democrats, including Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom, Mitch Landrieu, and Jennifer Granholm.

Litinsky never discussed his organizational structure and its link to Shenghe Resources Holding. He said they had sold General Motors 500,000 magnets for electric vehicle engines, but most of its revenue is from the CCP. How does that work exactly?