Biden Gives Familiar Response After Being Asked Why ‘Unity President’ Can’t Even Unify His Own Party

Biden’s reputation has gone into the mud as he fails to unite his party on a unanimous vote on the infrastructure bill. Nancy Pelosi had arranged to hold a vote on the bill that had bipartisan Congress support but failed to have it passed because the members of her party would not agree to vote for the infrastructure bill before the reconciliation bill was passed. 

The schism between the two Democratic factions wanted both the infrastructure and reconciliation legislation to pass. The other refused to agree on the reconciliation package due to rising inflation and price increases. After failing to secure a unanimous vote, Biden was headed back home in Delaware for the weekend before he decided to make a stop at Capitol Hill to meet with the House Democrats. It was seen that Biden’s staff intruded when he was about to take questions from the Democrats previously and prevented him from doing so. His staff was guarding him against the congressional members of his party. 

According to Nancy Pelosi, the meeting was intended to get more Democrats on board with the $3.5 trillion bills, which cost zero dollars. After the meeting, while Biden was leaving, he was asked why he did not seem to unite his party as he promised. His response was a simple ‘Come-on Man.’ That’s it. A response to dodge questions that he rarely takes because he does not answer his incompetence. How else would he answer such a question? A President who needs to be guarded by his staff against people that like him. We feel sorry for Biden and the entire administration.