Biden Gets Taunted By China For His Shortcoming At Climate Summit

Joe Biden’s flaws on the international stage had been revealed, as had his adversaries and those who would challenge them. When a leader is thus compromised, it jeopardizes the country and all of us because it allows those who are testing our lofty ideas to do so.

Joe Biden arrived late for his G20 press conference and then called on a list of reporters who had been pre-approved. After the press conference, he brushed aside a question from Fox’s Peter Doocy concerning payments to illegal aliens. In a manner reminiscent of Obama’s apology tours, he apologized to the other nations for the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement at COP 26.

If the Democrats weren’t attempting to weaken America in the eyes of the world, they wouldn’t know what to do. They didn’t have anything to apologize for now, as they had noticed. Despite Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord, it is stated that the United States is leading other countries in lowering carbon emissions.

The Global Times mocked his “honorable” apologies, claiming that some people couldn’t wait until 2024 when the Republican Party and President Donald Trump apologized for Biden’s apology. According to Xu Liang, an associate professor at Beijing International Studies University’s School of International Relations, such demonstrations by American officials demonstrate “the collapsing US.”

They didn’t commit to anything at the ludicrous conference that would keep them in check. As a result, any decisions or agreements reached by the nations in their absence may not be acceptable to them. That’s how China feels about Joe Biden: he’s not taken seriously. Meanwhile, Biden is apologizing for the United States, and he does not appear to be powerful enough to make much of a difference in China.