Biden Gas Prices Busting American Budgets

Among all of the economic and inflation pressure that has been placed on working for American families this year, perhaps nothing has been starker than the rapid spike in gasoline prices. While Washington economists and lawmakers may not feel much of a pinch in their overall experience, ordinary people see their budgets getting busted at the pump.

When Biden assumed the presidency, the country had become a net exporter of petroleum products and raw materials under President Donald Trump. That accomplishment marked an outstanding public policy achievement after decades of dependence on OPEC and other foreign producers.

It may be even more amazing how quickly Biden threw away that hard-earned advantage in the global marketplace. The radical progressives in charge of the Biden White House seemingly know no bounds for what they will do to push their extremist environmental agenda on America.

The national average price per gallon for gas stands at $3.36, compared with $2.16 one year ago. Many lower-income American households spend as much as 20 percent of their income on gas, a much higher percentage than average families and certainly more than wealthy politicians and policymakers.

The Biden administration may hardly think of how its agenda affects middle-class Americans. Still, it seems inevitable they will consider it when making decisions about who to vote for in next year’s midterm elections.

Biden could do some things to reverse course and instill confidence in the direction of the American energy market. He could change his orders on the Keystone XL Pipeline and domestic exploration and drilling.

It seems all but unthinkable that Biden will do anything to defy the climate warriors in charge of his administration and a sizable chunk of the Democratic Party. That isn’t much comfort for folks who have to drive to survive in the time between now and a change in scenery in Washington.