Biden Economy is Wonderful – Americans Just Don’t Appreciate It

Gene Sperling, senior advisor to President Joe Biden, made a starting assertion Friday on MSNBC’s “Chris Jansing Reports.” Far too many Americans, he believes, fail to realize how successful the administration’s economic policies are.

Consider the source, of course, but it still requires a lot of nerve to proudly bray about the administration’s handiwork with the U.S. economy.

The host acknowledged recession fears and asked Sperling if there is a different viewpoint he could share with the audience. Give him credit, the point of view he shared absolutely qualifies as “different.”

After prefacing that voters are not looking at the “reassuring elements of resilience” in the economy, the president’s senior advisor lauded the nation’s job recovery. He even rolled out the long-debunked claim that the American Rescue Plan “put a historic number of people back to work.”

The reality is far different. When Biden took office in late January last year, the economy was already reopening as jobs shut down due to the pandemic re-emerged. Forcing someone to leave work and then letting them back in does not qualify as “job creation.”

Further, the president and his shrinking circle of defenders are getting caught more and more playing fast and loose with economic facts.

For example, in a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” not to be confused with journalism or fact-checking, the president tripled-down on an easily verifiable untruth.

He told the comedian’s audience, “Look, here’s where we are. We have the fastest growing economy in the world. The world. The world.”

Has anyone else noticed how leftists now prefer to talk to comic entertainers rather than journalists — even their media allies?

Biden repeated himself to emphasize an utterly false statement. The U.S. economy grew 5.7% in 2021. That doesn’t even qualify the country for the top 50 in the world. It’s not like fuzzy math where 1st and 2nd place are in a statistical dead heat. Not even close.

Granted, right and wrong mathematical answers are now deemed “racist” in some radical academic circles. However, isn’t 13.5% (Ireland) still greater than 5.7%? How about 11.7% (Chile) or 11% (Turkey)?

There are literally dozens of other examples of nations that had larger economic growth than the U.S. in Biden’s first year of office. And now the economy is going backwards.

This was called “snake oil” in the Old West. Today it’s misinformation, but the left hardly cares as long as it emanates from their side of the aisle.