Biden Defends Afghanistan: ‘My Job Is To Make Judgments No One Else Can Or Will Make’

In a public address on Sunday, Biden finally appeared to talk about the Afghanistan situation, but all he did was defend his decision saying he had no regrets and did what had to be done. In his own words, he made a judgment that no one else could make.

Biden had been missing from the public eye for quite some time now, ever since the Taliban’s occupied Kabul following the military troop’s evacuation. Everyone, including Biden’s political allies, criticized his decision due to the chaotic situation of the civilians trying to escape Kabul and not to forget the US citizens and Afghan allies trapped in the country under constant threat of execution by Taliban militants. When confronted with questions following the situation above in Afghanistan, Biden said that the decision had to be taken eventually, and there was no right time to take it. He further mentioned that the situation caused was inevitable as an aftermath of a 20-year long war. Still, the safety of the remaining citizens will be ensured and will be evacuated along with Afghan allies, journalists, and social workers. If need be, he confirmed that the deadline would be extended beyond August 31st.

According to a poll by CBS News, 49% of Americans did not view Biden as a competent leader anymore compared to the 56% in April. But when asked about it, Biden dismissed it with a smile and said he hadn’t seen it. He explained his stance by claiming that he chose to stop sending American sons and daughters to a conflict with no end in sight and that he chose to cease spending up to $300 million per day on Afghanistan operations.

In the end, he only reassured that the US citizens and allies are being evacuated as fast as possible, with US militants on the ground making every last effort to ensure their safety. Biden has faced significant backlash, with the Democrats slamming him for his poorly strategized decision. He has owned up to his decision giving justifications by mentioning the death toll faced by the US and the economic factor. Still, he has failed to acknowledge that the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan is good news for the Jihadist groups and that any significant achievement in the country has all come down to zero.