Biden-Connected Chinese Firm Brings Takes In Record-Breaking Profits

There are several shady business dealings regarding the president’s son, Hunter Biden, about which Americans want answers This will only grow, as a recent report shows that one of the Chinese energy companies connected to Hunter Biden has broken records with its earrings in the last two quarters.

China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. reported record earnings of more than $6 billion while American citizens suffer continuing elevated gas prices, fuel shortages, and the threats of the “Green New Deal” being shoved on the overburdened economy.

The company also does business under the trade name Sinopec and in an official exchange, the filing claimed an 11% increase in net income over the first half of the year, totaling $6.5 billion. Even though the Chinese government says that its domestic demand for diesel fuel remains depressed because of COVID-19 lockdowns, Sinopec said that it increased diesel production by 7.4% over the first two quarters of the year.

Even though there has been some corporate media coverage of the uptick in the company’s profits, there has been essentially no mention of Sinopec’s connections to the Bidens.

The company is controlled by the Chinese Communist government and is reported as a “fully-owned subsidiary” of Sinopec Marketing Company. That company has received an investment of almost $1 billion from BHR Partners, Hunter Biden’s private equity firm.

BHR Partners has accumulated an ownership stake of 30% of Sinopec since first investing in the company in March 2015. The LinkedIn profile for BHR Partners details the firm’s investment in Sinopec, claiming that it was critical to the “pilot state-owned enterprise reform deal involving the segregation and capital.”

BHR Partners’ investment in Sinopec appears to be directly related to the company’s Chinese production record in its Fuling Shale Gas Field. Sinopec is also currently building its largest-ever storage facility for natural gas.

Sinopec’s massive capital expansion supported by BHR Partners investment comes amid Joe Biden’s moves to cripple U.S. domestic energy production and cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Joe Biden has also rescinded an executive order issued by President Donald Trump that had banned Chinese Communist Party investment in or any control over the U.S. national power grid.

Reports indicate that Hunter Biden owns a 10% stake in BHR Partners to this day.