Biden Campaign Losing Interest In Georgia Amid Devastating Polling

President Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential reelection campaign is in panic mode and doesn’t seem interested in campaigning in Georgia in the 2024 presidential election as polls show former President Donald Trump defeating the president.

The New York Times, a far-left ally of the Biden administration, recently reported that the Biden campaign’s organizers are losing interest in taking Georgia amid the president’s devastating polling.

“Since 2020, Democratic strategists and activists have fixated on how to expand their gains in Georgia, once a Republican stronghold and now a true battleground,” the outlet reported.

“But some of the state’s most prominent grass-roots organizers — those responsible for engineering President Biden’s victory in 2020 and that of two Democratic U.S. senators in 2021 — are growing concerned that efforts and attention are waning four years later,” it added.

The New York Times continued its report by noting that funding for Democratic groups in Georgia has slowly dwindled.

As Democratic political organizers began to rally for Biden’s reelection in the 2024 presidential election, they noticed that morale for the president had significantly diminished, according to the New York Times.

“And small but potentially pivotal shifts in strategy — cost-conscious measures like delaying large-scale voter engagement programs to later in the cycle or relying more on volunteers than paid canvassers — have privately stoked fears among some organizers about their ability to replicate their successes,” the leftist outlet added.

The Biden campaign has repeatedly said it is making a large effort to carry the state of Georgia in 2024, but some Democrats are saying that such efforts are merely for show, as reported by PJ Media.

“For some inexplicable reason, a lot of people are leaving Georgia out of the top tier of states to focus on next year,” a supporter of twice-failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and a Democratic donor from San Francisco, California, Steve Phillips, said.

“If the donors are not hearing from the top campaign operatives that we can and should win Georgia,” he added, “then the donors are not going to be enthusiastic about it.”