Biden Appears To Be Zoning Out And Staring Up At Ceiling

According to NBC News Digital Senior White House Reporter Shannon Pettypiece, Joe Biden canceled his statements on the supply chain problem only minutes before they were scheduled to be delivered. According to Pettypiece, his timing was so impeccable that a White House reporter remarked on it.

During the State of the Union speech, President Joe Biden donned a face mask at every meeting he attended to spend more time conversing with business leaders. Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that he wore his mask to every meeting. He was immediately observed with his mask wrapped over his chin at a conference.

Biden joked that he isn’t doing all their work since he understands how “swamped” they have been. He asked for suggestions on keeping stores stocked so that Americans could obtain what they wanted.

President Joe Biden addressed the CEOs of Walmart and Food Lion before handing the meeting over to Brian Deese, the director of his National Economic Council. But suddenly, the camera cuts out as he looks up towards the sky and exclaims, “Isn’t this a wonderful place?” He appears to be zoning out and has no idea what’s going on.

His involvement appeared to be limited to making a few opening remarks and then letting Deese handle the rest. Furthermore, if the meeting was being moderated by someone else, he might have exited at that moment to make the statements.

It might explain why the president’s lectures on supply chain management were canceled. He appeared to be out of it when he spoke on the Omicron variation, staring up at ceilings. Perhaps he was tempting fate with another error, given his past blunders.