Biden Administration Is Going Against Critical Civil Rights Law

Joe Biden and his associates have an insatiable need to demonstrate their “Wokeness.” The Food and Drug Administration has decided that racial minorities would prioritize Whites when getting COVID-fighting medications. This taxpayer-funded mandate is undoubtedly unlawful, in addition to being blatantly racist. Every time officials in the Biden Administration adopt these racial biases. They risk being sentenced to prison.

Republicans, according to President Biden, are attempting to replicate Jim Crow by filibustering the Democrats’ vote-stealing laws. According to reports, Biden’s legislation is designed to allow enough illegal votes to secure Democrat victory in every election from President to Director of Political Payoffs. The legislation would also make any voter identification required for mail-in votes illegal. That would make it easier to recreate the 2008 election fraud, in which all 120 votes sent to residents in an Ohio nursing home were written in the same handwriting and using the same mauve-colored ink.

In light of COVID and the Democratic Party’s totalitarian desire to regulate every aspect of their lives, bringing up Bull Connor was a tremendous mistake. The Biden Administration continues to make enormous errors after blunders after blunders. In its most recent indiscretion, Biden’s FDA decided that federally funded hospitals must give ethnic minorities priority when administering the restricted number of effective therapies.

Moreover, infusions of monoclonal antibodies help COVID patients recover quickly. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough of these therapies to go around, just as there aren’t enough honest politicians in Washington. The “Doctors of Woke Pandering” beat just one drum: “Everyone must be vaccinated!”

Therefore, Joe Biden’s Washington officials concluded that they should prioritize life-saving pharmaceuticals over Whites because Black Lives Matter so much. Following the assassinations of Bull Connor, George Wallace, and the KKK, a statute outlawing racial discrimination was established. It is prohibited for any government entity to reject medical care based on race, color, or ethnicity under this federal legislation.

Willfully depriving others of rights, privileges, or immunities granted or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States is a crime, according to the US Code. Biden’s bureaucrats deny Whites equitable federally sponsored health and medical benefits by selecting minority racial groupings for a limited-availability government benefit.

Only those who fall and are injured have the right to sue, not everyone who happens to be at the store on that particular day. Even if Obama’s candidacy had been unlawful, the country as a whole, not individual people, would have been harmed. However, a non-minority person who grows sicker due to being refused Monoclonal Antibodies due to race has incurred precise individual and personal harm.