Biden Administration Frustrated By Texas’ Migrant Bussing

On the Biden administration’s watch, illegal immigration has turned into a very serious problem. As the president chips away at various border policies put in place by the Trump administration, the rates of illegal immigration are skyrocketing to historic highs.

Time and time again, border state officials in Texas and Arizona repeatedly called on the Biden administration to make things right by securing the border.

However, once it became clear the White House had no intention of honoring these requests, border states began taking matters into their own hands to keep their communities safe and manageable.

A huge part of this work involves shipping illegal immigrants who enter the nation into left-wing sanctuary cities. This is something the White House is now complaining about.

The Biden Administration on Migrants Being Bussed to Liberal Cities
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas complained to CNN last week about Texas bussing migrants to cities like Washington DC and New York City.

Mayorkas claims the “infrastructure” and “capacity” of these communities are not without limits. However, the DHS secretary hasn’t been vocal whatsoever about the capacity and infrastructure limits of red border states like Texas and Arizona.

While speaking with CNN, Mayorkas went on to stress the need to “calibrate” how people are being transported, rather than just sending them on their way. Texas, meanwhile, is only sending a fraction of the migrants arriving in its community over to Washington DC and New York City.

In previous remarks, the DHS secretary has claimed the White House is doing a good job at managing the southern border, despite record high crossings.

A Simple Solution
Following Mayorkas’ statements, Americans with concerns about illegal immigration largely weighed in online. Many expressed that if the DHS secretary is truly worried about capacity and infrastructure limits in the country, he can work to secure the southern border.

If the border was secure, there wouldn’t be hoards of migrants entering the nation. If hoards of migrants weren’t entering the nation, then Texas wouldn’t have a need to send them over to left-wing sanctuary cities.

Despite the new commentary from the DHS secretary, there was nothing to indicate that he had any plans of securing the southern border. Texas, meanwhile, has been clear that it’ll continue shipping migrants to left-wing cities as needed.