Biden Administration Elevates Transgenderism Over Murdered Christian Children

Amid a tragedy that claimed six lives at a Christian school in Nashville, the Biden administration has focused the federal government’s attention on promoting transgenderism. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released a report on “affirming LGBTQI+ youth,” pushing the affirmative care model for transgender youth. The timing of this report, coinciding with the aftermath of the Nashville school shooting and the declaration of “Transgender Day of Visibility,” demonstrates the priorities of the Democratic Party.

The HHS report, titled “Moving Beyond Change Efforts: Evidence and Action to Support and Affirm LGBTQI+ Youth,” provides an overview of scientific research on the resilience and mental health of LGBTQI+ youth. It specifically highlights the challenges faced by transgender youth, claiming their mental health is jeopardized by policies that restrict access to appropriate healthcare and inclusion at school. In addition, the report defends gender-affirming care, a specialized model of care using evidence-based practices to address gender dysphoria.

The release of the HHS report and the declaration of “Transgender Day of Visibility” come just days after the shooting tragedy in Nashville, where a transgender murderer targeted a Christian school, killing three children and three adults. Yet, instead of acknowledging the victims and their families, the Biden administration is working overtime to shift the spotlight to promote its radical agenda.

This redirection of focus appears even more misplaced as several states have taken action to protect minors from irreversible medical interventions that modify their gender. For example, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri have all enacted legislation or regulations to restrict the use of puberty blockers, hormone treatment, and gender reassignment surgery on minors.

In the wake of the Nashville tragedy, President Biden declared March 31 as “Transgender Day of Visibility,” celebrating the resilience and courage of transgender and nonbinary Americans. In his proclamation, Biden highlighted the accomplishments of transgender Americans in various fields and denounced the wave of discriminatory state laws targeting transgender youth.

Critics argue that the declaration is insensitive and neglectful toward the victims targeted and killed by someone who identified as a member of the minority group President Biden asks Americans to respect.

The Biden administration’s response to the Nashville school shooting and its emphasis on transgender policies reveal a disconnect between its priorities and a nation grieving over the senseless killings motivated by hate of Christian values.