Biden Admin Wants To Regulate Your Computer Chips

The Biden Administration’s CHIPS for America Act seeks to fund American semiconductor manufacture. The bill’s supporters say such manufacturing is vital to the country’s defense. The Senate approved it on a bipartisan basis in June. Is there a benefit or a drawback to these Manufacturers of semiconductors such as Samsung, Intel, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)?

The first business is noted for its independent memories. The other two firms make logic components, which always include memory. Aside from the first two, a third business has agreed to build in the US. What sets Apple and AMD apart? They don’t manufacture chips. Apple created supercomputers that run mobile devices. AMD’s CPUs dominate gaming and weaken Intel’s grip on high-end data center supplies. Companies like Apple and AMD often design their processors. TSMC, a design-compliant contract manufacturer, handles manufacturing.

Corporations are being taught by the CHIPS Act how to get even more fed up with their competition. Rather than only concentrating on the bottom line, businesses will now devote more excellent resources to the political arena. Stuffing socialism into fascist form is crony capitalism, a step closer to fascist implementation.

This measure has a constitutional flaw that might make it unconstitutional. The federal government does not have the jurisdiction to engage in this type of action. As a fundamental principle, no taxpayer should be deprived of their money to redistribute it. Because of government intervention in markets, innovation and output have been hindered by heavy regulations and hefty taxes.

Reducing regulations and taxes is a logical next step with a smaller government. Low and middle-income families suffer from the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies. It is argued that lowering the living standards of the poor and middle class is incompatible with maintaining the country’s security.

Semiconductor manufacture isn’t a one-step operation. It is impossible to produce chips without first designing and laying out their layout. A factory is a group of high-tech machines that work together in harmony. The cost of computer chips is growing due to packaging.

Energy costs have gone up because the Federal Reserve meddled in the financial markets. Do conservatives approve of the Big Tech-MSM industrial complex’s propaganda and censorship? Unreliable energy sources (such as solar and wind) will become more expensive in the long run as consumers realize this.

With a significantly smaller government, liberty and wealth can coexist. Programs and services provided by federal agencies should be removed to achieve this goal. Intervention by the state in the free market can only lead to an ever-deepening fascist state.