Bernie Sanders: It Was The ‘Labor Movement’ That Brought The Holidays

According to the reports, the Vermont senator offered his Christmas views over the previous two days, and to be honest. They’re a touch tone-deaf when it comes to the real reason for the season. With that in mind, there is this small serving of liberal lunacy for Christmas Day, and people will be surprised to hear it comes from Bernie Sanders.

It is understood that Bernie is not a Christian, but he should avoid trivializing Jesus’ birth by attempting to make it about the “labor movement” and “environmental sanity.” Is Bernie’s politics mixed in with Muslim celebrations like this? No, it is not believed so. Wishing someone a Merry Christmas while coughing it in one’s far-left ideology is intrinsically insulting and nasty.

Moreover, the notion that the labor movement was responsible for the “holiday weekend” is absurd. Since 1870, Christmas has been a national holiday in the United States, and Americans have taken time off work to commemorate the event. But the questions that arise are where did all of these family traditions of leisure and enjoyment come from, according to Bernie? Is this the Soviet Union?

Most Christians would appreciate it if Bernie Sanders showed some regard over the Christmas season. Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with environmental, consumerism, COVID-19, or secular justice concepts. Throughout the remainder of the year, he will have plenty of opportunities to disseminate the socialist message.